Ryan Gosling Leaves Hollywood After His Barbie Success: Report

Ryan Gosling Leaves Hollywood After His Barbie Success: Report
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After hanging his bright-pink suit, Gosling decided to take a step back from acting.


  • Ryan Gosling is among Hollywood’s finest, most famous, but also most underrated actors at the same time.
  • Sources claim that after Barbie, Gosling decided to step away from Hollywood to relax and spent time with his family.
  • There are no reasons to believe that the actor won’t return; most likely, he’s just taking a break before his next gig.

Everyone gets tired from their job from time to time: just like you, A-list Hollywood stars do, too. We subconsciously expect our favorite actors to just keep going — after all, we only see the results of their work once every few years — but many of them are working non-stop, and at times, on several projects at once. It’s tiring.

No, it’s exhausting. Luckily, Hollywood stars can afford to take breaks… Or just step away from their profession. That’s what Ryan Gosling did, if the reports are correct.

Ryan Gosling to Step Away from Acting

While criminally underrated (before Barbie, that is), Ryan Gosling has been one of the industry’s most prominent and professional actors for ages. Every character he portrays, he makes it work — and for many years, Gosling has been releasing new movies on an (almost) yearly basis. This sort of thing can exhaust you to no end.

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That’s why, according to a recent report, Ryan Gosling is leaving Hollywood. Having brought home a hefty sum from the Barbie gig, the actor could have capitalized further on his success by leveraging his current popularity…

But he chose differently. At the peak of his career, Gosling decided he wanted to spend more time with his family: wife Eva Mendes and daughters Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee.

“Spending time with Eva and the kids was obviously the top priority, but he also needed a break. Ryan tends to work in big spurts, then takes time off so he can come back to the next challenge with a full tan,” a source told the National Enquirer.

Ryan Gosling Likely to Return Later

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While the news of the actor’s leave might be disheartening for some fans, worry not: there is no reason to believe Gosling is leaving for good. A hard-working actor that he is, he's likely willing to recharge before his next big thing — apparently, there are many speculations online about what that might be, including the Ghost Rider rumor.

After all, despite being launched into super-stardom once again with Barbie, it’s safe to say that Ryan Gosling has not yet reached the maximum height of his acting career. With the newly-found popularity, he can find his way into even bigger projects yet, or do his own thing — and we’ll all be here for that.

Source: The National Enquirer via GeoTV