Sadie Sink Fancast as Hope Summers Amid MCU Crossover Rumors

Sadie Sink Fancast as Hope Summers Amid MCU Crossover Rumors
Image credit: Legion-Media

Since the 'Stranger Things' actress rose to popularity after the show's season 4, people just can't stop fan-casting her in pretty much every project.

With Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds dropping a hint that they are considering a crossover of 'Stranger Things ' and 'Deadpool ', fans immediately went crazy. As the popularity of the Netflix horror hit continues to soar, so does the rating of pretty much every main actor of the show – and Sadie Sink, who portrays Max Mayfield, is no exception.

With rumors circulating that Joe Keery (Steve Harrington in 'Stranger Things') might be joining the MCU, people seem to have come up with a perfect role for Sink in Marvel movies – not necessarily the potential crossover between Deadpool and Hawkins.

According to fans, Sink would make a perfect Hope Summers – the first mutant that was born after the notorious M-Day (Decimation caused by Scarlet Witch when she effectively depowered the majority of the mutants living on Earth). Raised by her adoptive father Cable in the far future, she returned to the present day in order to undo the effect of M-Day and resurrect the mutants who died as a result of it.

Despite Marvel fans being generally skeptical when it comes to 'Stranger Things' actors being fan-cast as Marvel superheroes, people seem to really like the idea of Sadie Sink potentially portraying Hope Summers.

But the mutant is not the only superheroine people are pitching Sadie Sink for. Aside from Hope, many fans would love to see Sink as a teen Jean Gray or even a teen version of Scarlet Witch (should the latter land a solo movie).

Now that the executive producer of 'Stranger Things' has hinted at the possibility of a crossover with 'Deadpool' (per Variety), the Sadie Sink for Hope Summers campaign has been triggered once again – and this time, the fan cast might actually turn into something very real.

Neither Marvel Studios nor Sadie Sink herself has commented on such a possibility, however.