Sadie Sink Reveals What Song Would Save Her From Vecna

Sadie Sink Reveals What Song Would Save Her From Vecna
Image credit: Legion-Media

Maybe you should come up with a playlist for when (or if) Vecna decides to haunt your town. Just in case.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things ' season 4

Sadie Sink 's Max from 'Stranger Things' has battled Vecna with the help of Kate Bush's iconic hit 'Running Up That Hill'. For her part, Sink believes that she would be saved from the villainous supernatural force by Taylor Swift 's 'august'.

"That song honestly can revive me from anything," Sink shared with Tudum.

However, according to the outlet, Sink has had 'The 1' as her top song on Spotify Wrapped last year. Well, one should always have a back-up.

Sink is not the only one who pondered her song choices after the 'Dear Billy' episode premiered on Netflix along with the rest of season 4 volume 1. It seems that 'Stranger Things' fans no longer ask their new friends what is their favorite song, but rather what song would save them from Vecna.

The options offered online vary – from pretty much every track on the recently dropped 'Harry's House' by Harry Styles to BTS hits, people decided that it would be much easier to limit the choice to just one artist.

It might actually become a next cultural milestone in the industry of personality tests.

Max's choice of 'Running Up That Hill' has already propelled the song to the top of global Spotify chart, with the track currently occupying #4 with over 5 million streams.