Sapkowski Admits He's a Cavill Fanboy, Teases New The Witcher Book

Sapkowski Admits He's a Cavill Fanboy, Teases New The Witcher Book
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'So my own idea of Geralt's voice, that would be Cavill.'


  • The all-father of The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski, appeared in public to share his thoughts.
  • He spoke about the Netflix series and the incredible admiration he has for Henry Cavill 's performance.
  • The author also hinted at what we can expect from his new book.

The remaining loyal fans of The Witcher series are waiting for news about the upcoming season, in which Liam Hemsworth will take Henry Cavill's place as Geralt of Rivia. Meanwhile, Andrzej Sapkowski has made another public appearance to share his thoughts on the live-action adaptation, as well as details about his own upcoming projects.

During the recent Comic-Con in Vienna, the author shared his unbridled love for Henry Cavill (Liam, you're going to have to work hard to earn his trust!) and talked about a new book coming out at the end of the year.

The Witcher Creator on Henry Cavill and the Netflix Series

First up, it's worth noting that at Vienna Comic Con on November 18-19, Andrzej Sapkowski lamented that he wasn't involved enough in the production of Netflix's live-action adaptation of his saga.

'Maybe, I gave them some ideas, but they never listened to me. But it's normal,' he shared. Sapkowski then impersonated a Netflix executive to mock the platform and the production team's attitude toward his opinions: 'Who's this? It's a writer, it's nobody.'

But what he appreciates about the adaptation is Henry Cavill's involvement, since the actor was the perfect embodiment of the character. As part of an interview with Beyond Pixels in German (via Redanian Intelligence), he noted that it was the actor's interpretation of Geralt's voice that matched what the author himself had in mind.

'I repeat, there are only letters [in my books]. But then I also saw the series from Netflix and I would say the voice of Cavill, that's right for me. So my own idea of Geralt's voice, that would be Cavill.'

The Witcher creator has previously made numerous enthusiastic remarks about Cavill and his portrayal of the character. It seems that the author is a huge fan. We all are, Andrzej, we all are. Such a shame that Henry left the project. Liam Hemsworth will clearly have a difficult task in making not only the fans fall in love with him, but also the author whose books he is now actively reading in preparation for the role.

Yet, it's the Netflix series that Sapkowski prefers to all other iterations of his books.

'I don't know. Personally, I really like the Netflix series, but yes, I'm not a specialist. This is only my opinion,' the author said during the same interview.

New Book to Expand the Witcher Universe

While Netflix unsuccessfully tries to expand the lore and universe of The Witcher by creating failed ill-fated spin-offs and better-received animated movies, Andrzej Sapkowski himself is delving even deeper into the character study of Geralt of Rivia by dedicating new stories to him.

It seems he has no intention of emphasizing other characters or continuing the main storyline, which ended with The Lady of the Lake, the fifth novel in the saga, published in 1999. At least for now.

'This new book is going to be a standalone but… maybe, who can say,' he told Beyond Pixels.

Apparently, the new installment will either precede the main story, similar to the short story collections The Witcher, Sword of Destiny, The Last Wish, and the latest novel, Season of Storms, or take place between the events of the main series.

'The book is directly about Geralt, but I won't say more. […] It is outside the pentalogy,' Sapkowski concluded.

Andrzej Sapkowski's new book is scheduled for release in the winter of 2024-2025. Meanwhile, fans of the setting will be able to stream Netflix's new animated movie The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep in late 2024.

Source: YouTube, Beyond Pixels (via Redanian Intelligence).