Scariest Sci-Fi Series of 2024 Just Dropped on Apple TV & Already Has 92% on Rotten Tomatoes

Scariest Sci-Fi Series of 2024 Just Dropped on Apple TV & Already Has 92% on Rotten Tomatoes
Image credit: Apple TV+

The new series maintains its position as strong hard sci-fi mixed with elements of horror.


  • On February 21, Constellation, starring Noomi Rapace, premiered on Apple TV+.
  • The show immediately created a buzz, both captivating viewers and sparking controversy among critics.
  • Regardless of ratings, Constellation is a worthy representative of science fiction with an incredibly intriguing plot.

First there was an alternative take on space exploration in For All Mankind, then an epic sci-fi drama based on the work of the Isaac Asimov Foundation, then the dystopian psychological thriller Severance, and then the equally dystopian Silo. Apple TV+ is arguably the leading streaming service when it comes to the most sophisticated, high-profile series in the science fiction genre, attracting some pretty big stars from the world of filmmaking and acting craft. As such, just a few days ago, the service added a new original sci-fi series, Constellation, starring Noomi Rapace.

The premiere took place just a few days ago, but Apple's new project has already managed to get quite positive reviews from the most prestigious publications, with a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Will Constellation be a worthy addition to the Apple TV+ roster, or will it fall into the abyss of oblivion? Let's find out what this new sci-fi series is all about, why it's terrifying viewers, and whether it's even worth paying attention to.

Gravity Meets Psychological Horror

The new series follows Swedish astronaut Johanna 'Jo' Ericsson, played by the beautiful Noomi Rapace (Millennium series). Jo returns to Earth after a mysterious disaster on the ISS and almost immediately takes her daughter to a remote cabin hidden in the middle of a dense forest for some reason. And then the creepy part begins: Jo does not seem to be herself, she is incredibly confused about what is happening and keeps watching a mysterious recording from space.

Then, we learn that a disaster similar to the one in 2013's Gravity has occurred on the ISS. However, something more reminiscent of 2010's Inception is happening on Earth: Joe notices that her daughter is behaving differently than before and her car is painted a different color. The situation is exacerbated by the appearance of a physicist, played by Jonathan Banks, who touches on the subject of quantum leaps.

Sci-Fi Genre Worthy Representative

Audiences loved the show and gave it incredibly high ratings. The Rotten Tomatoes audience score is an impressive 92%. Many noted the high quality of suspense that makes the plot of the currently available three episodes incredibly creepy and intriguing, as well as the excellent acting of the cast, especially Noomi Rapace.

Although both the general public and critics were impressed, the latter still treated the new project with a healthy dose of caution: on Rotten Tomatoes critics score is much lower, 73% (which is still a standard of quality).

While the series provides no small amount of intrigue from the very first episode, it's sometimes unclear if the show wants to be a subtle psychological thriller that just pushes the atmosphere, or if it really lacks more daring plot development. Will it be as sweeping, suspenseful, and epic as the aforementioned Alfonso Cuarón and Christopher Nolan films, or is it all just references?

But that doesn't stop you from enjoying the show, because the mix of hard and soft science fiction, psychological thriller and even horror genres works to the show's advantage. The series is incredibly gripping and suspenseful, making you wonder what's really going on: has Jo really made a quantum leap, or is it all a conspiracy on the part of the government? Could it be something mystical? Or have the conditions of life in space and the aftermath of the disaster really affected Joe's psyche?

All in all, the series looks quite promising and could prove to be a worthy addition to the Apple TV+'s line-up. The fourth episode will be released on February 28.