Selleck Has a Very Practical Response to Blue Bloods Potential S14 Renewal

Selleck Has a Very Practical Response to Blue Bloods Potential S14 Renewal
Image credit: CBS

Keeping it real: the actor is nowhere near retirement.

The fans of the Blue Bloods series are waiting impatiently for any news about the series' renewal for Season 14. But they've got used to such kind of treatment from the showrunners – the news about the show being renewed for Season 13 came just this April.

While the production team keeps silent about the series' future, there's one man who is ready to star in Season 14 should it happen – Blue Bloods' leading actor, the 77 years old Tom Selleck is ready to go back on set no matter what.

"I've got a mortgage. I'm game!" said the Frank Reagan actor when asked about whether or not he will inhabit the New York City Police Commissioner character for another potential couple of seasons.

In this context Selleck's modest paycheck of $200,000 per episode makes sense as the actor clearly needs to secure this job for years to come.

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The Blue Bloods drama series premiered on CBS in September 2010; it follows several generations of the Irish Catholic Reagan family, who serve as police officers with the New York City law enforcers.

If the CBS bosses are still undecided the fans would love to get Season 14. They name the series the best drama on network TV adding that the show makes every Friday special. They would love it to continue for years and agree that the number of reruns clearly shows how popular the show is. Some of them suggest they have a contest to see how many seasons in total it could run saying that Season 20 can well be a reality if Frank (Tom Selleck born 1945) and Henry (Len Cariou born 1939) live that long.

A lot of Blue Bloods' fans agree that the show unites every family member as they watch while having a Friday dinner and that its consistent good quality is something the showrunners should be certainly proud of. One of the commenters says that the show needs some major changes though because times have changed. They say that it would be better if Tom Selleck could be replaced with a black LGBTQ person fighting hard to defund the police. The fan argues that such a change would give more realism to the series.

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Blue Bloods airs on Friday nights on CBS and one can re-watch all the 13 seasons on Paramount+. Seasons 1 through 9 are also available on Hulu.