'Severance' Creator Just Confirmed 3 Major Season 2 Theories

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The Apple TV + 'Severance' series (directed by Ben Stiller) has surprisingly become a global phenomenon this year, with millions of fans trying to guess what will happen to beloved characters in the second season.

The series paints a picture of the near future, where employees of a global corporation must undergo a special surgical operation that completely separates their working ("innie") and real ("outie") personalities. Thus, as soon as one of the characters crosses the threshold of his workplace, he becomes a new self, with no recollection of what he did before. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Many fans think so, too, so when series creator Dan Erickson announced that he would host a special Reddit AMA, fans rushed to bombard him with their theories about season 2.

Major spoilers ahead!

One of the most popular theories claimed that some high-ranking employees from inside the corporation (overseeing the work of severed workers) were actually severed themselves, but their workplace was outside, where they acted as spies of sorts.

Erickson responded hilariously to this fan theory by saying that "I started to type a response to this but Ben Stiller's spirit flew out of his body and into my house and slammed my laptop shut. So, no comment on this."

So, this theory certainly has some basis in reality, and we can't wait to see how things turn out in the future seasons.

Another theory was based on the assumption that Helena Egan, also known as Helly (Britt Lower), would actually end up being the main villain in season two. This would not be surprising, given her transformation from Mark's (Adam Scott) love interest to heiress to the main villain in the season finale. As Erickson jokingly put it, "Helena Eagan has taken over the world and remade everything in her image. Kidding. Kind of."

The notion that the severance procedure could only be done once puzzled fans, so Erickson was quickly asked for more information. Creator answered with ominous "so far just the once!" So, is there actually the possibility of some people being 'double-severed' or 'sub-severed'? It's not clear yet, so we just have to wait for next season.

'Severance' season 2 will premiere on Apple TV + sometime in 2023.

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