'She-Hulk' SDCC Poster Contains a Hidden Message For Fans

'She-Hulk' SDCC Poster Contains a Hidden Message For Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

Don't get freaked out, but it's a voice message.

A new poster for 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' has been spotted at San Diego Comic-Con, featuring a number to call a superhuman law division. And one can actually call it and receive a response – albeit an automated one.

The poster reads "Superheroes need a super lawyer", with the number "1-877-SHE-HULK" on the bottom. If one dials it, there will be a voice message from Tatiana Maslany 's Jennifer Walters who offers a wide range of superhuman law division services.

"Have you been fined thousands of dollars for the damage to the city you were trying to protect? Did you accidentally create a sentient robot who got the feels and tried to destroy the world? Maybe you're an Asgardian god who leaves the giant burning imprint on a private property every time you arrive on Earth? We've got your back," Walters is heard saying in the pre-recorded message.

Too bad the Avengers did not have Jennifer Walters around them when they had Sokovia in ruins, right? It would seem that Phase Four superheroes would not have any problems with their rights being protected so that they can dedicate all their time to doing their job.

Maslany's character is Bruce Banner's cousin who will also discover an ability to go green and grow muscles. Aside from this, she is an attorney-at-law, who will be busy defending superheroes in the upcoming Marvel TV show.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' premieres on Disney Plus on August 17. The show will have nine episodes and is expected to conclude on October 12.