'She-Hulk' Series Rumored To Be Delayed Until Late 2022

'She-Hulk' Series Rumored To Be Delayed Until Late 2022
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Disney + has a pretty massive lineup for this summer, with several highly anticipated shows from Marvel and Star Wars waiting to be released. However, as new information emerges, we probably won't see at least one superhero in the coming months – 'She-Hulk'.

According to the post on r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit, Tatiana Maslany 's superhero vehicle will be delayed till late in the year, probably November or December. The user responsible for the scoop is known as a credible source in Marvel's Reddit community, so the delay news is almost a certainty.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of 'She-Hulk ', believing that it would appear sometime in the summer, following the release of 'Ms. Marvel' scheduled for June 8. Some fans, although fazed by the news, are actually OK with giving Marvel some more time to make sure everything's perfect.

Fans over at Reddit also expressed their understanding over Marvel's decision to postpone the release. Cbekel3618 wrote that he "can definitely get wanting the effects to be the best they can be since it's a show dealing with a mostly CGI lead and other CGI characters, but I'm still a little bummed to see it pushed back", while Fistycouture jokingly added that he 'like[s] to think of it as Marvel spreading their cinematic presence more widely throughout my life'. Creating a CGI character on par with the incredible work done with the Hulk in the MCU movies is no easy task, so a little anticipation doesn't hurt if the creators are sure it will help the series.

Series will follow Jennifer Walters, a lawyer with superpowers, similar to those of her cousin Bruce Banner. Fighting crime with her fists as well as in the courtroom, Walters is certainly a new MCU's hero to be reckoned with. 'She-Hulk' will definitely raise the issue of blurring the lines between law and vigilantism.

It's always a pleasure to see Maslany, a fan favorite since 'Orphan Black', perform, and the upcoming show will certainly test her comedic and dramatic skills. The upcoming series will co-star Mark Ruffalo as Banner himself, and Tim Roth is returning in surprising role of Abomination.