'She-Hulk' Writer & Kevin Feige Had a Beef on Jen's Origin Story – Find Out Who Lost

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Marvel shows are not exactly known for revealing the origin stories straight away – but not this time.

In 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', we don't really have to wait until we know more about Jennifer Walters' origin story as a superhero. In fact, things get clear in the very first episode, with 'A Normal Amount of Rage' instantly telling us the origin story of She-Hulk and ending with a Titania cliffhanger.

But it turns out that was not what Jessica Gao, the head writer and executive producer of the show, initially wanted. She did her best to postpone the origin story for a later episode, but lost the fight to Marvel executives.

"Kevin Feige and everybody at Kevin's level, wanted to move it to the first episode. I lost the argument," Gao told Collider.

For her part, Gao wanted viewers to "know her and what her life is now, and then, once you spend a couple of episodes getting to know her, we'll reveal all the backstory and that'll put a lot of the things you were watching about her in context."

That didn't seem to sit well with Feige, who ended up proving to Gao that people were already familiar enough with the character. Later, early screen tests showed that fans "really wanted to know more about" Jennifer's backstory early on in the series – so the studio went with that.

In fact, it turned out to be good for the show, with many people being pleasantly surprised by the show's quick pace and lack of long introductions. In the first episode, which only lasts for around half an hour, we get to know the backstory and Jennifer already breaks the fourth wall – which is truly a lot for just one episode.

Gao seems to be happy with the final result as well, but there is just a pinch of regret.

"And here's the thing, I'm totally happy to have a premise pilot and start with an origin story. I just wish I could have designed it that way," she said.

'She-Hulk' premiered on Disney Plus on August 18, with the first episode streaming right now. The show is going to have nine episodes in total, with new ones arriving every Thursday.

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