Slow-Burn Terror: 7 Forgotten Horrors That Creep Up on You

Slow-Burn Terror: 7 Forgotten Horrors That Creep Up on You
Image credit: Legion-Media

Since the introduction of slashers in the 1970's, the horror genre has become synonymous with jumpscares and gore, which really alienated a large portion of the audience who didn't want to be psychologically tortured while watching the movies.

However, this doesn't mean that all horror movies produced since then started to use only the shock factor to scare the audience. There has always been resistance to this cheap tactic, and the 7 great slow-burn horrors prove that creativity has never really left the horror genre.

The abovementioned movies are slow. Extremely slow. The thing is, slow-burn horror relies on an atmosphere of dread and suspense, and things like jump scares just ruin it, causing directors to cut them out entirely.

Don't be fooled, though; despite their slow pacing and meditative storytelling, these horror films are extremely scary, and even if it takes a long time to get there, their finales are usually full of blood and gore.

Creating a truly terrifying movie without using jump scares is not an easy task, but the directors of the above films managed to achieve this difficult goal by putting more effort into the script and working with the actors than horror movies usually do.

Keep in mind, though, that slow-burn is not mild, and these 7 films are sure to scare the hell out of you.