So Bad It's Good: Don't Miss These 20 B-Movies on Netflix in March

So Bad It's Good: Don't Miss These 20 B-Movies on Netflix in March
Image credit: Netflix, Saban Films

It's easy to laugh at B-movies, because their small budgets, poor marketing, and dubious release schedule all suggest that the films themselves are pretty mediocre, especially compared to the high-budget flicks Hollywood churns out on a weekly basis.

However, looking down on B-movies is not a good practice, especially if you consider yourself a cinephile. It is in these small films that the real revolution is taking place, as their directors are not bound by the same corporate ethics and tired rules as their Hollywood counterparts, and can experiment freely.

Here are the 20 best B-movies to stream on Netflix, ranked:

We are sure that most of the movies on this list have never even appeared on your watchlist, as most of them are severely underseen and underrated, with only a fraction of the audience seeing them not as cheap garbage, but as genuinely interesting works that they surely are.

To be honest, we actually envy you! The world of B-movies is so vast and enticing that the chance to explore it for the first time seems like a dream come true. Don't be put off by the small budgets and confusing synopses of these films - we assure you that they are worth watching because they actually break new ground, while the films produced by the big studios usually stick to the same pattern year after year.

Here's the complete list of 20 best B-movies on Netflix mentioned here: Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2017), Mako (2021), Choose or Die (2022), The Violence Action (2022), The Block Island Sound (2020), Time Trap (2017), I See You (2019), Circle (2015), Girls With Balls (2018), Manson Family Vacation (2015), Eega (2012), Death Wish (1974), Creep (2014), Bad Trip (2020), Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016), Cam (2018), Catfight (2016), Apostle (2018), Missing (2023), Christine (2016).