So, Does It Mean Ezra Miller Uncanceled Now?

So, Does It Mean Ezra Miller Uncanceled Now?
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One of the biggest concepts to emerge in the past decade is the idea of "cancel culture."

Cancellation has ranged from celebrities who do the worst things imaginable to those who have made minor lapses in judgement years before. Ezra Miller lies somewhere in between – but the young star is still here.

Miller came from relatively humble beginnings and quickly emerged as Hollywood's offbeat, quirky darling star. They became a face of queer culture in Hollywood, coming out in 2018 by saying he identifies as neither a man nor a woman

Miller's portrayal in the cult classic Perks of Being a Wallflower was a career-maker. They were chosen to star in Fantastic Beasts and Justice League – two of the decade's biggest franchises.

Controversy quickly followed.

At 2017's Comic-Con in San Diego, Miller asked a crowd of fans why the Flash would struggle to get drunk. A fan quickly responded that Flash has a faster metabolism, then another fan jokingly asked to smell Miller's breath to check. Miller proceeded to kiss the fan on the lips without asking for consent.

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In 2020, while staying in an Icelandic Airbnb mid-pandemic, Miller was caught on video in a bar throwing a woman to the floor by her throat.

A couple years later in Hawaii, Miller was arrested for disorderly conduct when they physically confronted patrons who were singing karaoke. The couple who Miller was staying with at the time filed a restraining order, saying they were verbally threatened after the karaoke incident.

Three weeks later, Miller was again in custody after throwing a chair at a woman. She was left with a half-inch gash in her forehead.

Miller's also been accused of grooming minors, petty theft, and generally erratic behavior. Warner Bros. held an impromptu meeting in early 2022 in response to the star's off-set antics and frequent meltdowns on set.

A lot of Miller's behavior has been more than morally grey – it's been illegal and dangerous.

Despite this, Miller's still poised to star in the upcoming Flash film, one of the few Justice League stars who still have their job since new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have come aboard.

It is worth mentioning that Gunn was previously cancelled and un-cancelled while still working with Marvel a few years ago. He came under fire for a few decade-old tweets that featured offensive jokes. He apologized, fans protested, he was rehired, and everyone moved on.

Miller's incidents have been more serious, with their outbursts causing physical harm. The studio is taking a huge risk keeping Miller as a face of the franchise.

It seems like Miller might just be immune to cancel culture.