Social Media Paralleled Euphoria With Oppenheimer, And It Works Too Well

Social Media Paralleled Euphoria With Oppenheimer, And It Works Too Well
Image credit: HBO, Universal Pictures

Genius comes in a range of forms.


  • Euphoria is an HBO TV series that follows the lives of deeply troubled teenagers.
  • Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan ’s most recent movie focusing on the events of the creation of an atomic bomb by Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Euphoria fans started pointing out cinematographic parallels between the two stories.

All the best trends start as a joke someone makes on social media. This is the funniest and scariest thing about the Internet. One minute you are making a joke, thinking you are sharing a funny thought with those close to you, and a few hours later you are a viral creator who has started another trend.

The power of social media algorithms is also responsible for some of the strangest combinations you will ever see. The coverage of Barbie and Oppenheimer's same-day premiere was just one example of how far the Internet can go when it wants to.

Now, users of X (formerly known as Twitter), already tired of the same theme for memes since July, have found another piece of media to mix with Oppenheimer to highlight the dramatic weight of both. This time it was Sam Levinson's hit show Euphoria, and it worked so well it's almost disturbing.

Oppenheimer And Euphoria Meme

Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney 's performance as Cassie was considered one of the most chilling and raw dramatic characters on television when season 2 of the show aired on HBO. Though the characters and themes are vastly different, the same dramatic effect was achieved by Nolan's Oppenheimer.

And it's not just the level of drama that fans found similar in the two films. The cinematography, which was critically acclaimed for both Euphoria and Oppenheimer, also matched in more ways than one.

What started as a fun comparison of a scene from the show that was filmed almost identically to the movie turned into a trend as fans found more and more parallels, the majority of them involving Cassie and Robert Downey Jr. ’s Lewis Strauss.

There is no direct evidence that Christopher Nolan ever used Euphoria as inspiration for his latest hit. However, a few more parallels and fans might start to believe that there's more than meets the eye.

On the other hand, Sam Levinson, who promised the third season of the show to be more of the noir style, may want to take a look at these comparisons for further inspiration.

If you want to re-watch Euphoria and think of a few more matching scenes, you can stream the show on Max.