Soldier Boy or Captain America? Fans Muse Over Who Would Win in a Fight

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Forget Butcher vs. Homelander, what about Steve Rogers and his evil twin?

Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy is obviously more of a villainous twist on Marvel's Captain America than a standalone superhero. Over the course of the show, Soldier Boy was promoted as a version of Steve Rogers that cares a lot less about being noble or minding one's language.

But when it comes to their actual set of superpowers, just which one of the two would be victorious should the two lock horns – or shields – in an actual fight?

Naturally, if the multiverse does not take a crazy twist, Captain America and Soldier Boy are unlikely to ever have a face-off. But this doesn't stop fans from pondering the possible outcome.

Both characters are charged with superhero serum, and both of them wield shields, although the one that Steve Rogers rocks seems to be way more significant than Soldier Boy's. Cap's shield, made by Howard Stark of vibranium, is a powerful weapon even when it's not Cap himself wielding it. Soldier Boy's shield, in turn, seems to be more of a funky accessory that is not necessarily a must-have for the supe to have by his side in every fight.

"Cap's shield is unbreakable and absorbs and redirects any kinetic energy it comes in contact with. If SB punched it, it would break every bone in his arm. If he blasted it he would expel a lot of energy with no effect," one Reddit user argued.

Is it really so, though?

"That makes no sense. People have been punching cap's shield since the first captain america movie, and none or them have broken their arms. T'Challa was kicking and hitting that thing in civil war with no injuries at all. Soldier Boy would have no problem just grabbing the shield away from cap, as he is far stronger. Also, his blasts emit vast quantities of radiation and heat, which would cook cap even if he stood behind his frisbee-sized shield." – /bibibihobp.

However, is it just about one's weapon? Some fans have argued that when it comes to sheer superpowers, Soldier Boy enjoys an advantage of his energy blasts that notoriously depower other heroes. Basically, just one such blast would be enough for Soldier Boy to strip Cap of all his serum-induced powers, even though it takes time (and PTSD) for Soldier Boy to activate his explosions. Furthermore, it's not like Steve Rogers can actually take a round from an AK and just shake it off – like Soldier Boy can.

Loyal Steve Rogers fans, however, beg to differ.

"My money's on Cap. Yeah Solider Boy might be stronger than him, but Cap has regularly beaten foes stronger than him, even without the help of the Avengers." – /SeasonOfHope.

It almost looks like a multiverse crossover is actually needed to resolve this argument. After all, pretty much everything is possible now that Marvel has introduced multiple alternate dimensions. Moreover, this would even allow Soldier Boy to fight two versions of Captain America: Steve Rogers portrayed by Chris Evans, and his successor Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie.

These days "never say never" is truly a superhero genre's motto.

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