Sorry, John Wick Stans, This Unknown 2021 Action Gem Is Better On Every Level

Sorry, John Wick Stans, This Unknown 2021 Action Gem Is Better On Every Level
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Yes, John Wick is considered the ultimate king of modern action movies, but wait. Hear us out. If you haven't seen Nobody and you're an action fan, you need to catch up.

Nobody is best compared to John Wick, at least because the screenwriter of John Wick, Derek Kolstad, what a surprise, actually came up with another John Wick – a retired super-killer who annihilates the Mafia.

But Nobody is not just your John Wick rip-off, but a completely individual project that takes some aspects of the Keanu Reeves franchise to a whole new level. Yes, it is possible.

Let's start with the fact that the leading role of Hutch Mansell is played by none other than Bob Odenkirk. His character has long since settled down, started a family, has kids, a house in the suburbs, and a boring job at some factory owned by his father-in-law.

The gray routine is interrupted by the invasion of two robbers. Instead of fighting back, Hutch lets the criminals get away. This exposes him to the condemnation of his family and friends.

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The last straw is a child's tears – the daughter's complaint about the loss of a bracelet with cats. Let’s admit it, everyone would lose it if their bracelet with cats was stolen. So Hutch is unable to hold back any longer, and sets out to restore justice (and find a bracelet).

In a state of deep frustration, he boards a bus and stumbles upon a group of not-so-friendly young men. He quickly sends them to the hospital, but one of them turns out to be the brother of a big boss in the Russian mafia. And you know what happens next.

The story is about how one man freaked out and teaches us to be polite on public transport and not try to run away from ourselves. Quite educational, we must admit.

Moreover, someone has probably always dreamed of seeing Christopher Lloyd shoot someone in the stomach with a sawed-off shotgun, and director Ilya Naishuller gives us just that – and here we are.

Bob Odenkirk may be physically inferior to Keanu Reeves, but unlike John Wick, he has the innate comedic talent to pull it off. Plus, he doesn't need a bulletproof suit, which raises the stakes even higher.

We really hope that the success of the movie will ensure the creation of a sequel. Maybe it could be called Someone. And a threequel. Titled Everyone.

Do you agree that Nobody is better than John Wick?