Star Wars Walks Into the Same Wall With Rey, And Fans Had Enough

Star Wars Walks Into the Same Wall With Rey, And Fans Had Enough
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You can say that many of them have a bad feeling about this new announcement.

After much anticipation, the future of the Star Wars feature films has finally become clearer.

Three new films were officially announced at the Star Wars Celebration in London, including a film about the first Jedi, directed by James Mangold, a story about the war between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, directed by Dave Filoni, and a film about the rebuilding of the Jedi Order, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

However, unlike the other two, the latter announcement received a mixed reception from fans.

The story will take place 15 years after the events of Episode IX – The Return of the Jedi and will follow Rey, portrayed once again by Daisy Ridley, as she tries to bring the ancient order back to life.

A significant number of fans did not take this news well and expressed their disappointment with the decision to continue the story of the sequels.

They felt that it was a good decision to move away from the whole Skywalker saga with the release of TV shows set in different timelines, like Andor or The Mandalorian, but now Disney is at it again.

"Lmao what are they doing ?? Can they just pick a random time period and start from scratch a whole new generation of characters ? Or is it really THAT hard to come up with your own f*****g ideas ? Apparently for Disney it is," Reddit user Moonwalker_4Life said.

He is joined by other frustrated fans who say that George Lucas had all his movies planned years before he made them, and now it feels like Disney is coming up with ideas as fast as they can just to make a quick buck.

Others point out that with the upcoming TV series The Acolyte, there is a whole High Republic era yet to be brought to the screen, and it would have been much better to get a feature film that explores that period as well.

Of course, Daisy Ridley is a good actress, and there is a slight chance that with a good story she could pull off something decent.

But considering how disastrous the sequels have turned out to be, the hope that the movie that is a direct continuation of the story will turn out to be anything good is pretty slim.

No release dates have been announced for any of the three upcoming movies.