'Starfox' Solo MCU Project Seemingly Confirmed, But Fans Have Something To Say

Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Harry Styles stans finally know when to expect their favorite singer's proper MCU debut, but not all Marvel fans are excited about it.

Starfox appeared in the original Marvel comics back in the 1970s, and his interesting origin story – being Thanos' good brother and all – combined with his striking good looks and immense strength made him one of the most interesting superheroes of that time. And now that Styles has been cast in that role (as revealed in the post-credits scene of 'Eternals'), it looks like Starfox will finally resume his recent somewhat stale career.

According to insider information obtained by The SRP Report, Marvel has just begun development on a Starfox solo project in which Styles will star in his first full-length production in the MCU. No details have yet been revealed, but it seems that the story of the upcoming series/movie will be a prequel for the character, explaining his relationship with Thanos and his decision to become a superhero.

It sounds pretty exciting, especially with the prospect of seeing Josh Brolin as the mad Titan again, but some fans were very upset by the news, accusing Feige and Co. of cluttering up the MCU with an unnecessary project like this one.

Fans seem a little tired of all this content constantly appearing out of thin air, but some people are still excited to see the singer as a superhero, offering interesting ideas about what his undisclosed project will look like.

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