Stephenie Meyer's Dream Edward Can Play the Cullen Daddy in Twilight Reboot

Stephenie Meyer's Dream Edward Can Play the Cullen Daddy in Twilight Reboot
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Now we can't imagine anyone else but Robert Pattinson in the iconic role, but believe it or not, he wasn't Stephenie Meyer's first choice!

The search for the perfect Edward Cullen proved to be a difficult one: over 5,000 actors tried their hand and failed, including Ben Barnes, Dave Franco, and Dustin Milligan.

However, some of the contenders went on to land other prominent roles in the Twilight saga.

For instance, Jamie Campbell Bower became our favorite Caius, Michael Welch turned out to be just right for Michael Newton, and Jackson Rathbone found his place as Jasper Hale. All was right with the world!

While Robert may have won the lottery at the young age of 22 when he secured his starring role as Edward, Stephenie Meyer, the author of the saga, originally had someone else in mind for the part.

Not just someone, but future Superman himself – Henry Cavill.

The movie was in development for four years before it finally hit the screen. It was actually supposed to come out before the book (which was published in 2005) or right after it.

By the time the filming did finally start, Henry Cavill was already too old to play the forever-seventeen vampire (he is three years older than Pattinson), so we never got to see Meyer's perfect Edward in the film adaptations.

Cavill certainly has that otherworldly, mystical vibe going for him that would have made his Edward unique, but as the years following Twilight's release proved, we wouldn't buy Henry's portrayal of the beloved vamp.

By the time the final movie came out, he would have been a jacked 29-year-old, and that is just not who Edward is. Frankly, Cavill would have been more believable as Jacob at that point!

Fear not, there is still hope for Henry's appearance in the Twilight saga!

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Meyer remains a devoted fan of Cavill and has repeatedly said that she wants him to play Carlisle if there is ever a reboot.

Well, there is now, so send good vibes out into the universe! Imagine Henry Cavill taking on the legendary role of the Cullen daddy…

That would definitely mean one thing: Carlisle renaissance!