Stiles Fans, Don't Hold Your Breath: He Is Not in Teen Wolf Movie After All

Stiles Fans, Don't Hold Your Breath: He Is Not in Teen Wolf Movie After All
Image credit: MTV

Dylan O'Brien assured fans repeatedly that he's not in the Teen Wolf movie (he said that at least 3 times in 3 major interviews in 2022 alone), but against all hope fans were still hoping he'd actually showed up. So, the movie is finally out now and Stiles still not in it. Not a cameo, not even a flashback, nothing.

Warning: some major spoilers ahead!

Fans of Teen Wolf were left disappointed when it was confirmed that Dylan O'Brien's character, Stiles, would not be making an appearance in the new movie. O'Brien had previously stated that he wouldn't be involved in the film, but many fans were still holding out hope that he would make a surprise cameo. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"I'm so disappointed," said one Teen Wolf fan. "I thought for sure they would at least give us a little glimpse of Stiles, but nope. Nothing. It's like he never even existed."

Another fan added, "I can't believe they didn't even mention him in the movie. Like, what happened to him? Did he die? Did he get sucked into a portal? Did he just run away and change his name? We may never know."

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The movie does offer a small explanation for Stiles' absence, with his father, Sheriff Stilinski, mentioning that he has his own "fires to deal with" and that it's best not to bother him. But this only raises more questions about the character's fate and opens up the possibility for a sequel to explore. Hopefully, we'll get that sequel after all, if only to find out how Stiles reacted to his Jeep now being in possession of Derek Hale's son... Or watch Jeff Davis trying to get himself out of Stydia break-up storyline mess that he created in the movie.

"It's a shame that Stiles isn't in the movie, but I still enjoyed it," said another fan. "I just hope that if there's ever a sequel, they'll give us more answers about what happened to him."

The Teen Wolf movie is out now, and it's certainly worth a watch, but Stiles fans may want to lower their expectations. The beloved character's absence is barely addressed, and it's unclear if his story will ever be fully resolved.