Still Waiting For Euphoria S3? Watch These 10 Dark Teen Shows Instead

Still Waiting For Euphoria S3? Watch These 10 Dark Teen Shows Instead
Image credit: HBO, BBC Three

No 13 Reasons Why, Skins or Sex Education.

The third season of Euphoria won't be released anytime soon – Sam Levinson hasn't started working on the show's script due to filming The Idol, and Zendaya 's busy schedule suggests that the new season won't be released until 2025 or even 2026.

Here are ten shows to help you pass the time until the new season arrives if you miss Rue's dark adventures.

1. Generation, 2021

Between the first and second season of Euphoria, several projects tried to repeat the success of the series about troubled teens. And Generation is the most successful attempt.

The drama focuses on several California high school students from a conservative suburb who are trying to understand and accept themselves and their sexuality.

Among the producers of the show is Lena Dunham, who has already made a portrait of a generation (albeit the previous one) in the cult Girls. The project was unlucky – it was closed after the first season – but Generation definitely deserves your attention.

2. Everything Now, 2023-…

16-year-old Mia, who suffered from anorexia, spent seven months in the clinic, where doctors closely monitored the girl's emotional and physical state. After six months of treatment, Mia is allowed to go home.

But the return to real life becomes a serious test: her family is falling apart, and her friends are partying, using illegal substances and having sex. Mia, who has fallen behind her peers, is determined to catch up.

26-year-old Sophie Wilde fits the role of a teenage girl going through a difficult time surprisingly well, almost reaching the dramatic bar set by Zendaya in Euphoria.

3. Heartbreak High, 2022-…

This show tells about high school students who create a map showing all the sexual relationships in the school. When the principal and teachers find out about the map, they force the students to take a sex education class.

In style, plot and topics, Heartbreak High resembles a mix of Sex Education and Euphoria. The project pays a lot of attention to the problem of drugs and alcohol in high schools, the students constantly go to parties, like in Euphoria, but at the same time, the Australian series is closer to reality.

4. The Sex Lives of College Girls, 2021-…

The plot revolves around shy Kimberly, arrogant rich Leighton, black athlete and daughter of Senator Whitney, and Bela, finally freed from the care of her Indian parents.

Eighteen-year-old college students with very different life experiences adjust to independent living, attend classes, make new acquaintances, build relationships, and search for themselves, sometimes getting into ridiculous situations and dragging their newfound girlfriends into them.

Despite the title, the show is not vulgar or overly sexual. Although The Sex Lives of College Girls is marketed as a comedy, it touches on many serious, painful, and even scary topics.

5. True Beauty, 2020-2021

The main character is high school student Lim Ju-kyung, who was bullied at school because of her appearance. In order to hide her flaws, the girl learned to use makeup.

Since then, Ju-kyung has never left the house without makeup and is afraid that her new classmates will ever see her without it. But the most popular boy in school falls in love with Lim Ju-kyung's true beauty.

The drama about being bullied by peers discusses the problem of a generation through the story of a high school student who cannot overcome her complexes.

6. Betty, 2020-2021

Five girls, united by a true passion for skateboarding, come together to form a dream team, take to the streets of New York, and wipe the noses of all the guys who, for whatever reason, have decided that this sport belongs to them. On the road to success, they become friends and get to know each other closer.

After the incredible success of Euphoria, HBO decided to stay the course. The show was warmly received by critics, who noted the pressing issues that run through the entire plot. The young women, despite having the same hobby, are very different and experience crisis situations every day, sometimes making mistakes just like in real life.

7. Yellowjackets, 2021-…

A few years ago, a show about a group of female soccer players became a huge hit. It turned out to be a strange, scary, exciting and fascinating spectacle – a feminist version of the survival horror Lord of the Flies.

One of the topics of Euphoria is the eternal but often hidden rivalry in a group of girlfriends, and the same theme is taken to the maximum in Yellowjackets.

The plot is set in two time periods: in the mid-90s, a girls' soccer team goes to the national championship, but the plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness; today, several survivors band together as someone tries to find out what really happened during the year and a half the team spent in the woods.

8. Clique, 2017-2018

Like Yellowjackets, Clique is not a show about everyday school life, but a project about how the secrets of the past destroy the present. In the story, high school friends go to university together, where their strong friendship is put to the test.

Georgia becomes friends with the most popular and arrogant girls on campus, while Holly devotes all her free time to studying. One day, the latter will try to uncover the truth about her ex-girlfriend's new company and learn about her connection to the richest businessmen in town.

9. We Are Who We Are, 2020

Miniseries by Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me by Your Name with Timothée Chalamet. The series does not take place in a school, but on an American military base in Italy, which is already quite unusual for coming-of-age stories.

Fourteen-year-old Fraser faces his first crush, explores his sexuality and helps his friends with their problems. Unlike many other teen series, the main character here has a good and healthy relationship with his mother, which was noted by many viewers.

10. Never Have I Ever, 2020-2023

Never Have I Ever is the exact opposite of Euphoria: while the HBO hit repeatedly tries to shock and break the viewer's heart, the Netflix series aims to heal it.

It's the story of an Indian-American high school girl who tries to make the hottest guy in school fall in love with her and go from loser to star. The typical 2000s romance plot thrives on the main character's completely believable problems.

Unlike the girls in Euphoria, Devi is not suffering from drug addiction, but only from missing her late father, not being able to find a common language with her mother, and feeling like a worthless friend because of her desire for fame.