'Stranger Things' Cast Hints at Will's Crush on Someone From the Group

'Stranger Things' Cast Hints at Will's Crush on Someone From the Group
Image credit: Legion-Media

Will Byers is the only character from 'Stranger Things' who has not gone through some love drama… yet.

'Stranger Things ' is an explosive mix of horror and drama, but you can hardly expect a show about teenagers to not also be about love. While the main love story of the show is clearly the one between Mike and Eleven, fans have had their own favorites: from the couples that were made official in the show, to those that have not happened yet.

And some of these fan love theories have been addressed by David Harbour and the other cast members as they were promoting the upcoming season. When the cast heard the theory that Will was romantically interested in Eleven, Harbour was the one to address the issue in the most intriguing way.

"If you've watched the show, you'll know that Will isn't interested in El, he's interested in someone else in the group," Harbor said, with Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, hinted that we will "see soon".

Even though neither of the group said who was Will's crush, fans widely suspect that Byers is in fact interested in Mike, and he perhaps might be jealous over his best friend's romance with Eleven.

The possibility of Will's crush on Mike will definitely spice things up – and they are already, well, getting stranger and stranger, if we may.

Season 4 hits screens on May 27, with the second part to follow on July 1.