'Stranger Things': D&D Fan Theory Suggests Eddie Could Return in Season 5

'Stranger Things': D&D Fan Theory Suggests Eddie Could Return in Season 5
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So, 'Stranger Things' is largely based on 'Dungeons & Dragons', you say?

Fans are simply not okay with Eddie Munson dying in 'Stranger Things 4', and there have already been many theories pondering his possible return. But this particular one, posted on Reddit, is based on 'Dungeons & Dragons', the game that is largely reflected in the show, and it might as well actually work for Eddie.

How? Oh, it's just that he might become Kas, the vampire who was Lord Vecna's right hand man in the game, but eventually turned against him and killed him.

This is not just another fan fantasy, as the show actually included a couple hints at Eddie possibly becoming Kas. The 'Dungeons & Dragons' vampire has a couple of signature weapons, such as a sword and a spiked shield. And we do remember how Eddie came up with that exact set of weapons when the Hawkins gang was preparing to fight Demobats in the Upside Down, don't we?

Another thing that gives fans hope is that we didn't actually get to see how Dustin made it out from the Upside Down, nor do we know what happened to Eddie's body there.

Given the amount of fan love that Joseph Quinn 's character enjoys, it's possible that the Duffer brothers will consider spicing things up with yet another 'Dungeons & Dragons' reference. After all, Eddie was bitten by actual bats, so turning into a vampire would seem only natural at this point.

The Duffer brothers said on 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast that Eddie was "officially dead", but many fans still cherish their hope to see Eddie freaking Munson once again. Who knows, maybe season 5 of 'Stranger Things' will make their dreams come true.