Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower May Secretly Regret Vecna Wasn't CGI 

Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower May Secretly Regret Vecna Wasn't CGI 
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Seems like a bathroom is Vecna's worst enemy.

Stranger Things season 4 absolutely surprised us with a shocking twist revolving around Vecna.

We found out that Henry Creel, One and Vecna are actually the same person. Both Raphael Luce, who portrayed young Henry, and Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrayed One and Vecna, did a great job.

However, acting skills weren't the only requirement for the role of One/Vecna. Jamie Campbell Bower shared the difficulties he faced filming season 4.

While Vecna looked absolutely terrifying and disgusting in the season, one might assume it was all CGI. However, Bower himself confirmed that it was 90% practical and makeup effects.

In an interview with SiriusXM, Bower revealed what kind of challenges this practical suit placed upon him.

According to Bower, it took about seven hours for the application alone, and then he would film for ten hours more with the makeup and the suit on.

Bower was also asked if he could use the bathroom while wearing that suit. Luckily, Barrie Gower, the make-up artist who worked on the suit, made sure that wouldn't be a problem.

Bower explains that the entire costume was glued together, except for the lower half. The suit had something like trousers, so he could handle his bathroom breaks.

Even though Bower managed to use the bathroom in that suit, it was a real struggle. He couldn't move much because the delicate masterpiece he had on could easily fall apart.

Bower confesses that he would often try to put off going to the bathroom for as long as possible. He says it took him a good 15 minutes just to handle his business, and he didn't want to interrupt the filming process by taking a bathroom break halfway through.

It's pretty surprising that the creators chose to go with a real suit instead of using CGI. Jamie Campbell Bower really shows what it means to be a committed actor who genuinely loves what he does. He was willing to endure hours in that uncomfortable suit, all for the sake of this well-crafted show.

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Fans are highly anticipating to see Vecna again in the upcoming season 5. However, the production is currently on pause due to the ongoing WGA strike.

Source: SiriusXM on YouTube, Variety