'Stranger Things' Theory Hints at Big Villain Reveal in Volume 2... And It's Not Vecna

'Stranger Things' Theory Hints at Big Villain Reveal in Volume 2... And It's Not Vecna
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It's always someone you least suspect. But a lot of details actually suggest that we should have suspected this character from the very beginning.

If you think 'Stranger Things ' season 4 already has enough villains, you might be wrong. In fact, there is one suspicious person this season who might end up being Vecna's spy.

"I am sure Max's counselor has some sort of twisted connection because there is no reason why the camera would focus on her character if Max was already out of camera in the first episode," – @Hi5thisAzn.

One fan theory says that the Hawkins gang should be especially cautious about the school counsellor, Ms. Kelly. Because guess what: she, as a school psychologist, knows every child's trauma the best. Given how suspiciously dismissive Ms. Kelly was about the pattern of fears children displayed over the course of season 4, many fans think that she is linked to Vecna.

This is a reasonable suggestion, because the previous seasons had the villains reaching out to some characters in order to infiltrate the real world. In season 2, it was Will, with Max's brother Billy becoming the Mind Flayer's spy in season 3.

But there's more to the figure of Ms. Kelly. Some sharp-eyed fans noticed that she wears a signature brooch shaped like – you guessed it – the sinister grandfather's clock that signals Vecna's curse. According to several theories, the brooch actually contains a key that might open a lock in Henry Creel's clock and potentially unleash even more darkness into the real world.

This is all fueled by the fact that Ms. Kelly clearly realized the pattern of traumas and fears experienced by the kids who complained to her, as Max realized when she sneaked into her cabinet and looked through her medical records.

"I have questions about the school counsellor in @Stranger_Things. If you are a mental health professional and teenagers in you care tell you they are having vivid, waking hallucinations… is 'k, see you next week' really the response? Or do we maybe call in some urgent care?" – @homemalone8.

So it looks like Vecna has his own friends in the real world too – now it's important that the Hawkins gang's friendship is more powerful than that. We will know for sure when Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1.