'Stranger Things' Theory Suggests Major Will Byers Sacrifice in Season 5

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It's like this story was always about Will.

After the dramatic ending of 'Stranger Things' season 4, we did get a hint that Will Byers might be coming back into the spotlight, as he once again felt the presence of the Mind Flayer with his neck.

But, according to fans, this might only be the beginning of a major and undoubtedly heart-breaking arc that the Duffer brothers might have prepared for Will.

Remember how in season 1, Will would never cast protection when playing 'Dungeons & Dragons' with his friends? This is what might happen in season 5, fans fear.

Back at the time, Mike would remind Lucas that will always choose to fight for the party until the end instead of protecting himself. Instead of casting protection, Will chose to cast a fireball during one of the games.

With the Duffer brothers teasing that everything will go back to where it started in season 1, this might be just yet another foreshadowing for what Will is going to do in season 5. Now that a lot of people suspect that Will is connected to Vecna in a similar way he's connected to the Mind Flayer, his role in the final stand-off between the villains of the Upside Down and the Hawkins gang might be huge… and potentially dramatic.

After all, Will was the one to tell Mike that Vecna is not going to stop until he attacks "everyone". And Will clearly does have a pattern of not casting protection.

With season 5 shooting possibly starting next year, we have plenty of time to morally prepare ourselves for whatever happens in the final chapter of the 'Stranger Things' story.

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