'Stranger Things': What Joe Keery Really Thinks About Joseph Quinn

'Stranger Things': What Joe Keery Really Thinks About Joseph Quinn
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In case you were wondering whether Steve and Eddie actors are friends in real life.

If you, like pretty much everyone else, were fangirling over Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson chemistry in season 4, wait until you learn about the actors' real life relationship.

If 'Stranger Things ' fans loved anything more than Joe Quinn's Eddie Munson, it's his bromance with Joe Keery's Steve Harrington.

The two characters did not particularly have a lot of time to become friends: Keery was a part of the cast since season 1, with his character being the long-standind part of the Hawkins gang, and Quinn only made his stellar appearance in season 4 – however, immediately conquering many hearts.

Still, the two managed to exchange some quips and heartfelt conversations that quickly made fans fall in love with them – and, occasionally, with the idea of them becoming best friends or even a couple.

It turns out that the actors have also formed a "bond for life", as Joe Keery himself revealed when speaking with Unilad.

"Joe's the man," Keery says, saying that they still hang out occasionally. "We spent a lot of time together, obviously, when we were shooting – and especially because it was during the pandemic, for the most part. So that's a bond that will be there for life, for sure."

When recalling his reaction to Queen's character's death, Keery admits that he doesn't quite remember how he reacted, but he did feel "bummed".

"It was probably just because I enjoy spending time with Joe, and he's a good presence to have around," he added.

However, he does have a nice Lord of the Rings parallel for Quinn: according to Keery, Eddie Munson died in a "very Boromir" way. Even if you're not a LoTR fan, you might know that Boromir died in a really noble way while protecting his friends – even after being grumpy all the time and even briefly surrendering to the temptations of the Elden Ring.

Just like his character, Joe Quinn is a breakout star of this 'Stranger Things' season. After Eddie's tragic death, fans have launched massive campaigns begging the Duffer brothers to bring him back. Even if they don't, Quinn will certainly remain of the most favourite 'Stranger Things' characters ever.

The Netflix hit will wrap up with its fifth and final season, with the premiere date yet to be announced. The writing for season 5 is already underway.