'Supernatural' Brothers Reunite, and SPN Fandom Is On Fire Once Again

'Supernatural' Brothers Reunite, and SPN Fandom Is On Fire Once Again
Image credit: The CW

Jared Padalecki, who you might know as Sam from 'Supernatural', is starring in 'Walker', whereas Jensen Ackles, who played Dean in 'Supernatural', happens to be a director of one of the Season 2 episodes. What could go wrong?

Former on-screen brothers Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki teamed up again on the set of the episode of 'Walker ' called 'No Such Thing as Fair Play'. The two did not share any screen time, but the reunion was an important moment for both Ackles and Padalecki, particularly because it was Jensen's birthday.

Just like in the good old days.

And those good old days returned not only for the ex-Winchesters, but also for their devoted fandom.

It certainly does not seem like the two are ever going to go separate ways.

Jensen and Jared have traveled the 'Supernatural ' road together for more than 15 years, portraying Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who were "saving people, hunting things" as "family business". In real life, the two seem to already have their own family businesses to take care of, but never too far away from each other.