Supernatural Fans' Alternate Ending Idea is Way Better Than the One We Got

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Since Supernatural for some reason did not end in Season 5, Season 15 could at least not have been as horrible as it was, fans argue.

The Supernatural finale was something that few people in the fandom actually enjoyed. Not only did most of the main characters die, but none of them got the closure fans were hoping for.

Jack was revealed to have taken the place of Chuck, who ended up being a villain (despite initially caring for his creations), while Castiel was ultimately killed off, and his relationship with Dean was left so vague that fans were outraged by queerbaiting.

Naturally, fans had plenty of ideas for an alternate ending, but the most popular idea is surprisingly simple: the last episode should never have happened. Instead, after 15 seasons of misery, chaos, turmoil and suffering, the best thing Supernatural could do is give everyone a good old-fashioned happy ending, as Redditor kh-38 suggested.

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Chuck should not have been the final villain, the role was clearly more suited to Jack. In the end, everyone should have united against him to send him to the cage. Castiel, for his part, should have had a major role in this, and should have gotten his powers and wings back in the end.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam should have simply driven off in their Impala into an uncertain future, with the show leaving "some evidence of the baton being passed to the next generation of hunters" – which could have been a perfect setup for spinoffs.

But Supernatural ended the way it did, and the only spinoff that actually happened, despite the creative team's ambitious plans, is The Winchesters. But the future of the Winchester parents' prequel is also unclear, as The CW has not ordered an extended first season, and remains mum on a possible renewal.

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