Supernatural Golden Trio Finally Reunites (But Not For The Reason You Think)

Supernatural Golden Trio Finally Reunites (But Not For The Reason You Think)
Image credit: The CW

The fans got to enjoy Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins all in one shot, but this time it's not about Supernatural (even though fans would love it that way).

The other day, Misha Collins posted a video on his Twitter that reminded fans of the good old days when the Winchester brothers fought the demons around and within them.

The video itself is the best promotion you can imagine for The CW's Gotham Knights. Jared and Jensen share their plans for the 14th of March with the fans and it is, obviously, watching Gotham Knights.

They also call Misha "two-faced," but not in the sense you might think, because Misha will play, well... Two-face.

Here is what we know about the new character. Two-Face first appeared in the comics in dusty 1942 under the name Harvey Kent, but it was later changed to Harvey Dent so that Two-Face would not be considered related to Superman.

As a district attorney, Harvey was seriously injured when a criminal threw acid in his face, turning half of it into a rather scary sight to behold.

Two-Face's trademark was his obsession with duality. He would commit crimes with a double motive, such as stealing exactly two million dollars, or robbing the Second National Bank at exactly two o'clock on February 2.

Two-Face is a very popular character among comic book fans who can be portrayed as evil or good, which gives hope for an interesting interpretation of him in the adaptation.

This is not Harvey Dent's first appearance on the big screen, as he was played by Aaron Eckhart in the Nolan trilogy The Dark Knight, and Tommy Lee Jones in the Schumacher film Batman Forever.

Given that Two-Face already has a cinematic background, fans are even more eager to see how he will appear in Misha's performance.

Since Castiel also had to change personalities quite often on Supernatural, many agree that he is the perfect actor for the role.

"At least he'll be able to have fun with the two personalities? He was always able to swap characters really well on Supernatural. Lucifer pretending to be Cas and then also pretending to be Cas mockingly comes to mind," Reddit user CrankyStalfos said.

Gotham Knights debuts on Tuesday, March 14th, and thanks to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, fans definitely won't miss this premiere.