Surprising Reasons Why Love & Death May Be Another HBO Hit

Surprising Reasons Why Love & Death May Be Another HBO Hit
Image credit: HBO

HBO has been an icon of good shows for more than a decade — from Game Of Thrones to The Gilded Age.

Now we are facing Love & Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen whom you might know as Wanda or the Scarlet Witch from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new miniseries is a crime drama by Lesli Linka Glatter who worked on The Mentalist and Homeland.

As exciting as it seems, Love & Death has the potential to be a major HBO hit. Although a miniseries, it may be the piece of work that'll give the platform a successful entrance into 2023.

Let's put its potential triumph apart.

Suspense, drama, and blood – what else should there be to keep you interested? Love & Death, as the secret lies in its name, has some tricks up its sleeve.

Firstly, there's the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Olsen, whose acting may well make the series in its entirety. Her character is somewhat aloof but none the less enticing.

"Oh man there's something seriously intriguing and fascinating about Elizabeth Olsen. She has so much nuance in her acting," wrote YouTuber Olivia Carter.

Secondly, the plot is going to be a concoction of a psychological thriller, crime and family dramas, as well as mystery which there's plenty. These are just what we could gather from the very well put trailer, made with ultimate mastery by the producers.

"The trailer did well to intrigue me without actually giving away any details," confessed Redditor arthurdentstowels.

Thirdly, the costumes and locations are so well-chosen that you will get, mostly unnoticed, satisfaction from simply watching the miniseries.

And the last but not the least, is writing. HBO praises itself for creating brilliant pictures and paying immense attention to scripts.

Indeed, a film will be just a catwalk of famous people if there isn't a good screenplay. Love & Death, in its turn, seems to have one, so brace yourselves as you are most likely going to be on your toes throughout the series.

So, it must be a good thing it will not be a long one.

However short Love & Death is going to be, it will definitely be a good start for HBO in 2023. Who knows what the miniseries actually has to offer? We will see on April, 27th.