'Tales of the Walking Dead' Is Better Than You Probably Thought

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Should you watch the newly-released anthology series or should you skip it entirely?

'Walking Dead' franchise is alive and well, and if you thought that after so many years and with so many spin-offs it's just not possible – well, 'Tales of the Walking Dead' is here to prove you wrong. The anthology series, with two new standalone episode released so far, came as a pleasant surprise to hardcore TWD fans and casual viewers both.

'Tales of the Walking Dead' tells stories about various survivors who have to face zombie apocalypse and somehow make something of their new life. Each episode is a complete story with characters either new or already existing within the TWD universe, and for 'The Walking Dead' fans it's a welcome change in the storytelling pace and atmosphere.

Some of the fans are comparing 'Tales of the Walking Dead' with 'Lost' or 'I am Legend', both the cult TV series and the Will Smith movie echoing similar 'surviving after…' vibes (also: the dog). Hardcore TWD fans surely will have a lot to talk about, seeing how familiar some of the locations in the anthology series are (if you haven't recognized Herschel's farm location while watching the first 'Tales of the Walking Dead' episode, well, maybe it's time for you to rewatch the original series).

There is no over-excitement about it, but fans mostly agree that the newest addition to TWD universe is definitely worth watching.

"Honestly it wasn't perfect but it was so absurd and different and that's a really good sign for the rest of the show. For a show like The Walking Dead, over a decade in, we need new and weird." – /BullworthMascot

Of course, despite some heavy-hitters in the cast (Olivia Munn and Terry Crews just to name a few) and nostalgic 'the world is full of walkers and we're all alone, left to survive' atmosphere, 'Tales of the Walking Dead' isn't without its problems.

It's not by any means groundbreaking, and the storylines in the first two episodes were average, with minor but annoying plot holes and inconsistencies easily spotted by viewers. Some fans think that 'Tales of the Walking Dead' could've explored its connection to the main series a bit more.

"This show feels like the TWD equivalent of those afterschool specials. Too short to get you fully engaged and filled with leaps of plot and logic. I think a more coherent two hour episode would have helped. More time to breathe and build upon some fundamentals." – /BelcherSucks

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