TBBT: The Iconic Star Wars Reunion's Backstory Will Melt Your Heart

TBBT: The Iconic Star Wars Reunion's Backstory Will Melt Your Heart
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, CBS

The show made the biggest pop culture phenomenon happen all by itself.

Aside from the relatable characters and brilliant jokes, there's another thing that The Big Bang Theory fandom will always love about the show, and that's celebrity cameos. There were many guest stars over the 12 years that the show was on the air, and some of them were very niche to the show's theme.

What could excite a bunch of nerds more than the appearance of their favorite actors from their favorite franchise, right? So when it was announced that Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones would both be making cameo appearances in the same episode of The Big Bang Theory, the Internet went crazy.

A detail about these cameos that was later revealed has made it one of the most iconic, and definitely the most wholesome, Star Wars reunions ever.

As it turns out, Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones had never met in person before seeing each other on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Even though their Star Wars characters are closely related on screen, they never had a chance to cross paths or even wave to each other. That is exactly what Carrie Fisher did when she saw her Star Wars co-star on set.

The events of this family reunion were shared at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, where the show's writers recalled their favorite moments. Carrie Fisher spotting Jones and greeting him as "Dad!" was definitely one of them. This little detail was shared by TV journalist Natalie Abrams who was present at the panel on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Unfortunately, there is no footage of that moment with two of the co-stars. However, there is still a scene from the episode titled The Convention Conundrum (S7E14) that you can watch if you want to feel like you were a part of that great moment.

You can stream this or any of your favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix or Max. Be sure to stay tuned for all the news and behind-the-scenes updates, so you don't miss any details about the upcoming spinoff of the iconic sitcom currently in the works at HBO.

Source: Natalie Abrams via X