Ted Lasso Season 3 First Look Using a Smart Star Wars Metaphor

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As the third season of the soccer comedy approaches, new promotional material reveals the main plot of the upcoming installment.

Apple TV +'s biggest comedy turned out to be a surprise hit when it premiered in 2020, once again establishing Jason Sudeikis as one of the greatest comedians of this generation.

The series about Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is hired to coach an English soccer team, is considered one of the most inventive comedies to date, and the great cast and exceptionally funny scripts only strengthen fans' love for the series.

With season three just around the corner, the streaming giant decided to share some promotional material with fans, and one image really got fans thinking. In this image, Ted looks creepily straight into the eyes of his former assistant coach Nathan Shelley, who switched sides in season two, leaving Lasso's team to become the head coach of their main rivals. Behind the two figures looms a third, Rupert Mannion, the owner of the rival club who separated Nathan from his father figure Ted.

Despite the rather ordinary appearance of this image, fans were quick to notice some huge correlations with one very popular space opera. Yes, we're talking about Star Wars.

People on Reddit instantly created a great theory, portraying Lasso as Luke and Nathan as Vader, leaving the dubious honor of being Palpatine to Mannion. And it all looks pretty believable, even though the father-son dynamic is now reversed – Nathan has indeed gone over to the dark side, leaving his former friend to fight alone against the prevailing evil.

What's more, even the still itself is reminiscent of Star Wars, and some fans even admitted that at first, they thought it was taken from some upcoming Disney + show.

Of course, some Star Wars purists were very offended that Lasso was being compared to Luke, claiming that the characters had nothing in common, preferring to compare the good-natured American trainer to Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he does resemble a lot.

Obviously, this fan theory may have nothing to do with reality, and fans will have to wait until season three airs to see if Nathan is worthy of becoming as great a villain as Darth Vader.

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