Teen Wolf Movie Can Succeed Even Without Stiles, But Will It?

Teen Wolf Movie Can Succeed Even Without Stiles, But Will It?
Image credit: MTV

It's no secret that Stiles Stilinski played an essential role in Teen Wolf.

So, it's hardly surprising that fans were shocked when they found out actor Dylan O'Brien, who portrays Stiles in the series, won't be taking part in the upcoming revival movie.

Many fans became worried that the film wouldn't meet the expectations as his absence would undoubtedly be felt. However, this initial disappointment doesn't mean the movie can't succeed without him. But will it?

Since the very first episodes, viewers quickly fell in love with their favorite characters. And one of the most popular characters amongst fans was Stiles Stilinski. Being the Teen Wolf Pack's first member, Stiles helped solve many Beacon Hills mysteries alongside his Alpha werewolf best friend Scott McCall, after all.

The show came to an end in 2017 after six seasons, and no one knew if we'd ever see the cast members together again. So, when it was announced that there was going to be a revival movie, the fandom was thrilled to see their favorite characters reunite.

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However, to the disappointment of millions, Stiles Stilinski will not be in the movie. When the news broke out, fans expressed that they were hesitant about seeing the film because the show had been built around Stiles and Scott's brotherhood, and not having one of them there simply wouldn't feel right. This, of course, made people question whether the movie could succeed. Well, in theory, we think it could.

First, although Stiles played an integral role in the show, it was actually Scott McCall who was at the heart of the hit series and the Pack that he was leading. That's not to say Stiles wasn't important at all. But if, for example, Tyler Posey didn't reprise his role as Scott McCall, no one would probably consider watching the movie (unless there would be a seriously good plot reason for his absence).

Secondly, even though the friendship between McCall and Stiles was a huge part of the story, many other beloved characters will be making a return who definitely have something to bring to the story. As seen in some Reddit discussions regarding the upcoming movie, some fans say that even though it would be awesome if Stiles came back, it's great to see the other characters nevertheless.

And lastly, there will be a dramatic return that might overshadow Stilinski's absence. Allison, who died tragically in the third season, is coming back. This will undoubtedly be emotional, as it took a long time for the pack to deal with this huge loss. So, there's a chance that Stilinski won't be missed too much.

As with any successful movie or show, fans get attached to the characters they love and can find it difficult to imagine them without their presence. Although it's hard to tell whether the movie will succeed without Stiles, there's definitely a chance that it can!