Teen Wolf Movie Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Are Saying

Teen Wolf Movie Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Are Saying
Image credit: MTV

The pack is back... to a lukewarm reception.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is a couple of days away from being released on Paramount Plus, but the first reviews are in. According to early reviews, the return of the pack could have been so much better — but it could also have been so much worse.

One of the film's main problems, according to some critics, is its inability to live up to the movie standards. EJ Moreno of Flickering Myth notes that the movie "feels too much like an elongated TV episode of the show," and despite its "solid fan service," it "offers little else." Stacey Yvonne from Black Girl Nerds called the movie "a really well written fanfic by someone who has never seen the show but watched clips on YouTube."

Others were much harsher.

"If you love Teen Wolf to the point that you'd do anything to spend a few more hours in Beacon Hills, go ahead and give it a stream. But if you're a casual fan who was in it for Stiles and supernatural teenage fun, don't bother. Stick with the fanfiction," Decider's Anna Menta concluded.

When it comes to the glaring absence of the universe's favorite character, Stiles (portrayed on the show by Dylan O'Brien, who didn't return for the movie), things seem borderline annoying. It looks like the movie is trying to give viewers a new version of Stiles by introducing a new Stiles wannabe named Eli.

"Try as they might make Eli the new Stiles, Mattis lacks any charm or talent for a guest role let alone a lead that they painstakingly attempt. There is a lot of repetitiveness going on in the movie but it is more notable with Eli," Leigh Doyle of Midgard Times said.

Some critics, however, remain optimistic. For her part, Janet A. Leigh of Digital Spy notes that the film has at least one victory.

"It makes us care. We care about these characters, all over again," the critic wrote.

It could be due to Tyler Posey's and Holland Roden's acting, as TV Guide's Maggie Fremont notes that the two "turn in what might be their best work of the entire Teen Wolf run." However, despite the fact that everything works character-wise, Teen Wolf: The Movie could use a better storyline and fix some of its internal logic, according to the critic.

Despite the mixed initial reaction, it's important to remember that these are early reviews, and the overall opinion of the film could change after it hits the streaming service.

Teen Wolf: The Movie will premiere on January 26th on Paramount Plus.