Teen Wolf Star Reveals Movie Was Shot Without Script Until Last Moment

Teen Wolf Star Reveals Movie Was Shot Without Script Until Last Moment
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Who needs a script when you got the whole pack back?

If you're one of the Teen Wolf fans fuming over the new movie's numerous plot holes and inconsistencies, the reason may be a lot more mundane than you thought.

It seems that all of Teen Wolf: The Movie's storytelling problems stem from the fact that the movie did not actually have a complete script until the very last days of filming. At least that's what Crystal Reed, who plays Allison Argent, says.

"We didn't have a script, until the last two weeks of filming. It was very far along. We were working scene by scene and there was a rough outline. There were a lot of circumstances that led to that, so there was a suspended trust that we had to have in Jeff and the producers and the creative team," she told Collider.

Reed also said that the actors had to go by their instincts rather than an actual script. According to fans, this sounds a lot like the reason for the movie's flaws.

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Many people are shocked that Paramount "was even okay with this mess" and wonder how the movie was even financed without a script.

"I'm so mad because Adelaide [Kane] said that also they don't have to sign a contract, he just [doesn't] do the basic job and that's why the actors come and go from the show whenever they wanted, he just [doesn't] care," Twitter user sireneyes03 said.

Davis himself took to Instagram earlier in January to share a page from the script, noting that he was "still writing the script when we started the production of the movie".

"Writing scenes in my trailer and then running back to set to see rehearsals. Surprisingly, a lot of movies get made that way. It's not easy, but it's certainly exciting," he said in the caption.

The fandom does not seem to be as excited about this as Davis apparently was, complaining that the movie was not cohesive in the end. The fact that the movie basically erased Stiles Stilinski from the narrative (although it couldn't resist mentioning him several times), broke up several iconic pairings, and even killed off Derek Hale continues to cause a stir among Teen Wolf fans.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.