That One Time Jeremy Renner Was Hawkeye IRL

That One Time Jeremy Renner Was Hawkeye IRL
Image credit: Legion-Media

Clint Barton is known for two things – his keen eye and his witty tongue. Well, guess what: he gets them both from the actor who portrays him!

Jeremy Renner is a Marvel oldie. With his first appearance as Hawkeye in 2011's Thor, Jeremy is there for the long haul, and his character has almost instantly become a fan favorite.

Barton has everything it takes to charm an audience – charisma, stoicism, and a sense of humor. What more could one ask for?

Back in 2015, Jeremy Renner had a full-on Hawkeye moment.

At the 2015 Golden Globes, he was on stage with singer and actress Jennifer Lopez to present an award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film (which ultimately went to Billy Bob Thornton for his performance in Fargo ).

Just as they were about to announce Thornton's win, Renner asked Lopez to open the envelope containing the winner's name.

She struggled with it and explained, "I've got the nails." Jeremy had the slickest joke ever up his sleeve. He just went, "You've got the globes too" (clearly referring to J.Lo's low-cut dress).

The actor got a lot of heat for his joke shortly after, but we don't blame him. Jennifer's cleavage is too much to handle!

The singer didn't take any offense – she just laughed it off, opened the envelope (finally), and announced the winner.

While many viewers were quick to call Renner "a perv" and condemn his "tasteless" joke, Lopez actually found it flattering.

In an interview for E! News, the singer said, "That was really funny. He's a very funny man. It even made me a little hot." Hawkeye can do that to you! Renner himself stood by his joke, reminding people "not to take this sh*t so serious."

You tell them, Jeremy!

Both actors seem to be OK with the incident, so there is no need to panic for everyone else. Hawkeye would not hurt a soul!

Source: E! News, Jeremy Renner on Twitter