The 11 Creepiest Serial Killer Movies the 90s Gave Us, Ranked

The 11 Creepiest Serial Killer Movies the 90s Gave Us, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 90s were filled with thrillers and horrors that prompted us to sleep with our lights on, and those that were centered around serial killers were some of the most terrifying ones.

These 11 movies are a testament to that. (Just in case: we don't take any responsibility for the spike in your electricity consumption).

That awkward moment when the "chill" in "Netflix and chill" transforms into the feeling of inescapable icy dread nestling in your bones as you're trying to merge with your couch during one of the most intense moments and make yourself as invisible as possible as if the character on the screen would jump out and right into your room and do to you the things that they've done to anyone else in the movie. Yay!

In all honesty, that's the reason why we watch horrors and thrillers: to get a thrill, literally, to feel that spike of adrenaline (or to laugh at the props if we're talking about the 90s).

Some of the movies in this list are the early works of the directors who then turned famous, and you can witness how their signature approaches have been born but haven't been properly shaped yet.