The 12 Hidden Sci-Fi Gems to Stream in April on Prime Video

The 12 Hidden Sci-Fi Gems to Stream in April on Prime Video
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

With the advent of streaming, many modern and classic films have finally had a chance to be rediscovered. While many films have enjoyed fairly successful box office results and continued critical love, they have simply slipped out of viewers' consciousness and remained underseen for decades.

But as streaming services begin to buy the rights to older films and make them available for anytime, anywhere viewing, moviegoers are finally able to rediscover great films, and that is especially true for fans of all things sci-fi.

Here are 12 of the best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime:

In compiling this list, we decided to mix old and new movies together because that's the only way to showcase the complex and original sci-fi genre in all its glory. Without the old titles, the new movies on this list simply wouldn't exist, and the fact that Amazon Prime allows its subscribers to see the inspiration behind movies like “Interstellar”, “Train to Busan” and “Asteroid City” before they watch them is truly commendable.

With more and more older movies being added to Prime Video every month, fans will soon have the most complete sci-fi movie library ever, with any of these movies available to stream at any time!