The 12 Movies From the 60s You Need to See Before You Die

The 12 Movies From the 60s You Need to See Before You Die
Image credit: Legion-Media

Almost every decade of Hollywood cinematography can be named an "era", and the 60s became the Rise of the New Hollywood, one that explored more genres and catered to a wider audience while simultaneously shaking off the shackles of censorship.

These 12 movies defined history, changed the course of the development of the entertainment industry and inspired countless more creatives in the coming years.

Hollywood was reborn in the 60s: it was filled with new names, and the old ones allowed themselves to explore things that were previously untouchable — thanks to the abolishment of the censorship code.

Movie makers got more creative freedom than they ever had — and they used it to the max.

You can see the echoes of these works in the movies that have won awards years later, clearly inspired by whatever transpired in the 60s, by the vibe and the vision that plagued this decade.

You can still see modern directors paying homage to these cult classics, remixing their bits and pieces in their own ways and allowing the works that should technically be outdated to get a new life, a flock of new admirers, and a spike in popularity. Just as they deserve.