The 13 Best Movies of 2024 So Far to Watch on Netflix, Hulu & More

The 13 Best Movies of 2024 So Far to Watch on Netflix, Hulu & More
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though 2024 has barely begun, the films that have already been released in American theaters are already thrilling audiences, who are ready to declare the year to be one of the most solid in terms of cinematic quality just four months in.

From lesbian comedies to sprawling 19th-century epics, the great films of 2024 seem to touch on a myriad of themes, and do so with a style and grace that will be remembered long after the year is over.

Here are the 10 best movies of 2024 to watch on Netflix, Hulu, and more:

Of course, most of the films on this list premiered all the way back in 2023, but their introduction to the public happened at various film festivals where the general public is not welcome, so no one really saw them last year except for some critics and film professionals.

However, the fact that such complex and authorial works managed to reach US theaters is truly great, because in our age of huge blockbusters and comic book adaptations, it is extremely important to see such quiet and powerful films as the ones mentioned above.

With a whole year ahead of them, perhaps some of the titles on this list will be competing for Oscars in 2025, if the producers decide to spend some money on their marketing.