The 15 Best Authentic Western Films Ever Made

The 15 Best Authentic Western Films Ever Made
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Wild West has long been one of the most enchanting and interesting time periods to set a movie in, but only a few directors have managed to get this incredibly difficult to portray setting right.

Most western movies are mindless and pointless, but there are still a few that can not only entertain you, but tell you a few authentic things about the Wild West.

As any American history enthusiast will tell you, the Wild West was not just about duels, saloon fights and train robberies, as mundane and sometimes even boring activities occupied most of the time of people living in the harsh realities of the Old West.

And the movies listed above pay homage to that, honoring the people who decided to leave the cities behind and venture out west in search of a place to build a home. Of course, there are still plenty of gunfights in these movies (after all, this was a bloody time in history, to say the least), but the directors and their production crews don't focus solely on that, preferring to spend much more time authentically portraying the period.

These movies can entertain you, but also can teach you a lot about the history of the Wild West, and they do exactly that – in an entertaining, yet realistic way.