The 15 Best Movies You Can Watch for Free on Tubi Right Now

The 15 Best Movies You Can Watch for Free on Tubi Right Now
Image credit: Tubi

In the age of streaming, where companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime have essentially divided the world of cinema, spending millions on top directors and stars to force viewers to pay for subscriptions to watch quality movies, the idea of watching and even enjoying movies for free may sound absurd to many.

However, the free movie market is actually booming right now, with Tubi leading the way. And while many fans have been quick to think that Tubi's library is full of worthless junk, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Here are 15 of the best movies you can watch for free on Tubi:

As you can see, a lot of true masterpieces have found their way to Tubi, and the fact that they are all presented in perfect restoration makes the platform the perfect source for viewers interested in cinematic history and unique projects from the past.

However, this list also proves that modern cinema is Tubi's forte, as some of the most popular films of recent years are also available to stream for free.

Unfortunately, Tubi's original movie productions are not on the same level as these cult films, but hey, at least they are free, right?