'The Batman' Marks Impressive Box Office Milestone Before Digital Release

Image credit: Legion-Media

However, not impressive enough, according to some fans.

'The Batman' international box office has surpassed the $750 million milestone just a day before its digital release on HBO Max. Domestically, Matt Reeves' movie grossed $365 million, with the number being just slightly bigger overseas, settling at $386 million.

These numbers are solid, especially when compared to other DCEU superhero movies. For example, 'The Batman' has already grossed more than 'Justice League' released in 2017, or, say, 'Wonder Woman 1984' (2020) that has hardly passed $150 million in worldwide box office.

However, some fans are still disappointed with the caped crusader's performance in the box office, lamenting that there is "still no billion" – a milestone many hoped for.

Others are confident about the success that awaits Robert Pattinson's Batman in the future, should its sequel be greenlit.

Currently, there has been no news regarding Pattinson's return to the black cape, but the hopes are high that he will at least secure a trilogy – especially given that his archenemy Joker, portrayed by Barry Keoghan, was teased in 'The Batman' deleted scenes.

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