The Big Secret Behind Amazing Visuals in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

The Big Secret Behind Amazing Visuals in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'
Image credit: Legion-Media

Screenshots of picturesque views captured from the first 'Love and Thunder' trailer have already spread among the Thor fan accounts. There's an explanation as to why the movie seems to look so beautiful.

'Thor: Love and Thunder ' will be the first Marvel movie to make use of 'The Volume' – a cutting-edge LED technology that has already been applied in 'The Batman' and 'The Mandalorian'.

The new technology allows to create beautiful seamless backgrounds that have already been appreciated by other fans for looking a lot more real than the backgrounds crafted with the use of green screen.

Having already caught a glimpse of the possibilities opened by 'The Volume' in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer, fans are excited to see more.

A lot of superhero movies are being criticized over sometimes using green screen and CGI too much. But the fantastic worlds of superheroes are difficult to create without the use of the visual effects; so the new LED technology allows for a better reality check while also not stripping the creators of an opportunity to delve into the borderline impossible universes.