'The Boys' Chase Crawford Gets Harassed Online By 'Aquaman' Fans

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It looks like fans of Jason Momoa's take on iconic DC character are not really into Chase Crawford spoofing the underwater superhero.

Amazon Prime's hit adult superhero show is widely known for poking fun at multiple comic books conventions, introducing viewers to their own Superman-like Homelander (Anthony Starr), depicted as a megalomaniac villain, and seriously mocking the identity of Aquaman with Deep, a sexual predator who has joined the cult in an attempt to return to the top of the food chain. Fans of the series love it just for that bravery – but it seems that fans of the DCEU's more traditional take on superheroes are not as positive about Crawford's performance as the useless underwater hero.

In a conversation with GQ, Crawford revealed that he sometimes gets not so friendly messages from 'Aquaman' fans, accusing the actor of crossing the line in spoofing the beloved character.

"Occasionally on Instagram I'll get a, 'F--k you, fish guy. You think it's funny to make fun of Aquaman?' I'm like, perfect. That's exactly what I want," Crawford said.

It seems that fans of the actor have already adapted this new nickname, ironically using it to praise Crawford for his remarkable work on the show.

Some 'The Boys' fans were able to find something new in the series thanks to the righteous anger of 'Aquaman' followers.

"Wow! Just realized these characters are spoofs of other superheroes! Makes this show even funnier." – @4everGolden91.

'The Boys' season 4 will arrive on Amazon Prime sometime in 2023.

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