The Boys Gen V Spinoff Will Take Gore To New Levels, But Is It a Good Thing?

The Boys Gen V Spinoff Will Take Gore To New Levels, But Is It a Good Thing?
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The upcoming show promises to push the envelope even further, but fans are concerned that the creators are relying too much on the shock factor.

After the huge success of the first season of The Boys, it seemed as if Amazon was starting to give the show's creators more freedom to add bizarre and shocking moments.

From the season 2 finale with Homelander masturbating on top of a skyscraper to season 3, which literally begins with an exploding penis, they didn't seem to limit themselves at all.

And while fans wait to see what the creators have in store for them in the upcoming season 4, it seems that the spin-off series Gen V will continue the show's tradition of raising the stakes in terms of craziness.

In an interview with Empire, executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg shed some light on what to expect from the highly anticipated spinoff.

According to Rogen, "Gen V has some really crazy sh*t in it" and the fact that it follows young supes might make it even more shocking than the main series.

They also said that there are virtually no limits to what they can show on screen, as even the most insane stuff usually only requires "one extra five minutes phone call."

However, while pushing the envelope is good to an extent, some fans reasonably point out that it is absolutely not enough to make a great story. They are increasingly concerned that The Boys franchise relies too heavily on shock and gore in its marketing campaign.

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Viewers feel that the plot moves too slowly and that the show is in danger of becoming the next The Walking Dead, which also relied on unexpected character deaths, albeit in a slightly different way than The Boys.

The story is artificially prolonged by the filler shocking scenes, and this trick is already starting to feel overused.

They are right to be worried, because sometimes it seems that the creators get too carried away with the whole "crazy" aspect of the series and pay less attention to the main story.

However, it is too early to bury the show, as it has been quite good so far, and perhaps the upcoming season 4 will bring more to the overall narrative.

As for the Gen V spin-off, such interviews may indicate that the release date for it will be announced soon, and then fans will see for themselves if their concerns were right.

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