'The Boys': Homelander Can Be Redeemed, But Not in the Way You Think

'The Boys': Homelander Can Be Redeemed, But Not in the Way You Think
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Bad guys gone good? Yes, but in a merciless way, please.

Many 'The Boys ' fans agree that Homelander is one of the best villains ever introduced in the superhero movies. However, a lot of people think that he might end up being redeemed at the end of the show, and not in the way they would like to see.

Recently, Marvel has received a lot of criticism over redeeming the villain without any harsh consequences for them. When it comes to Homelander – who is famous for truly atrocious deeds that even Marvel villains would get shivers over – punishment needs to be much more severe.

Many of those who have been awed and disgusted by Homelander simultaneously believe that Homelander has to actually live with the consequences of every bad thing he has done. Usually, a villain is redeemed just before dying – something that makes it almost heroically and effectively devalues everything they've done.

According to fans, Homelander has to deserve his redemption – of course, if he's even getting one. There are a lot of people who argue that Homelander has never got the chance to be a good person, having grown up in a lab and basically not having anyone around to love him. Which is why, they continue, it would be even more painful for him to live through the endless shame for his deeds that just say sorry and die as a hero for the mere fact of feeling bad about his atrocities.

But there are people who vehemently oppose any kind of forgiveness for Homelander – to be honest, their view is quite understandable.

"One thing tho, I really really really hope they won't try to redeem Homelander in S4. He's the villain. Period. He's done the worst things and he needs to end in the worst possible way." – @I_ReadRomance

To redeem this character, fans continue, would almost mean to send a pretty unsettling message to 'The Boys' fans. This is why, they believe, the only way to end his story would be to kill him off.

"Nope, not redeemable. He's a narcissistic sociopath. This is not something that can be fixed by the love of the right girl. Come on. If they went that route, that would honestly be a completely misleading and dangerous message to be putting out into the world." – /captainhowdy82

In the season 3 finale, Homelander is nowhere near feeling sorry for what he did or being redeemed, however. Chances are that the next season will finally introduce someone capable of taking him down – unless the creators really dare to take an audacious way and try to redeem him.