'The Boys' S3: What To Expect From 'Herogasm' Episode, According to Reddit

'The Boys' S3: What To Expect From 'Herogasm' Episode, According to Reddit
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Amazon Prime's adult superhero show is getting ready to release its most controversial episode yet, and fans are eagerly awaiting details.

The hit series is based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and the writing duo really hit their stride in creating a story about Billy Butcher (Karl Urban ) and his team of vigilantes. While Ennis and Robertson never shied away from controversial themes, casually depicting violence and sexual harassment in their comics, no storyline was even close to the shock factor of 'Herogasm'. That narrative arc included a huge superhero orgy under the guise of a space rescue mission, with all kinds of violent sexual behavior presented on the comics pages. So given that the source material was so controversial, fans are wondering now how Amazon will adapt it into its show.

In a thread on Reddit fans have been discussing and analyzing all the scoops available for a while now, trying to figure out what this hotly anticipated episode will look like. Many believe that the Amazon series will not include all the scenes shown in the original and will shy away from graphic sexual content in favor of more violent action.

"I could be wrong but I have a theory that the TV version of Herogasm will be more hedonistic than completely sexual. I expect a lot of drug use, killing for sport, random deaths of one-off heroes, that sort of thing." – /ClemClamcumber.

One of the most controversial scenes in the comics depicted Homelander having sex with a Soldier Boy who is desperate to get into The Seven at all costs. Apparently, Jensen Ackles did not want to star in that scene, and as showrunner Eric Kripke has already said, the sequence will not be included in the upcoming episode. But even without that particular story making it to TV, fans expect at least one perverse scene involving The Deep, his wife and Homelander.

"I get the feeling Deep's wife has some mind-reading power and is pretty much manipulating him knowing what his thoughts are. She also knows what HL thinks, so the safest bet was to have Deep eat the octopus anyway. And in ep 4, she pretty much read HL's mind to have Deep mirror his thoughts regarding the whole Blue Hawk thing." – /Shdoible.

Some fans even believe that all the hype surrounding 'Herogasm' may be because viewers are just trying to figure out how far Amazon is willing to go to shock audiences.

"I think a lot of the hype around it is specifically because it can't play out like it does in the comics, on the show. People want to see how they're going to reference it/pull it off." – Muus79.

'Herogasm' episode is scheduled to arrive on Amazon Prime on June 24.